Wallflower? /poem/ ver1

you won’t even open your eyes
as if there’s a boulder tied to you chest
and every move you make, it pulls you back.
and tears your heart.

when everyone’s running around wearing their hearts on their sleeves
you had wrapped yours with a thick blanket and tucked away.
when people around are being ‘too happy’
cover your eyes.
out of sight out of mind.

Peek for a while and smile a bit.
But it will always end with you averting your eyes.
Because you know it’s not gonna happen to you.

and that, that is what you’ll ever do,
stare at the line from time to time.
consoling yourself:
‘at least you were spared from all
the heartbreak and disdain that comes after temporary bliss.

from behind those lines you sing
‘at least, at least…


(version 1)


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